Combined with superior specification for its strength, durability, moisture resistant, and long service life

Paneling system not only reflects inspiring patterns with colors like natural wood, but also it encompass modernity with various textures and natural ecofriendly technology.
The Paneling system consists of a panel which is a single piece of material, usually flat and cut into a rectangular shape, that serves as the visible and exposed covering for the wall or ceiling. Wall and Ceiling panels are functional as well as decorative,providing insulation and soundproofing, combined with uniformity of appearance, along with some measure of durability or ease of replaceability. While there is no set size limit for a piece of material fulfilling these functions, the maximum practical size for wall panels has been suggested to be 24 inches by 8 feet, to allow for transportation.

Paneling Ideas

Find out the latest and greatest paneling ideas for your space. Get ready to transform your space with the application of designer wall claddings and panels.