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Drywall is a high performance light-weight partition system consisting of GI steel frame encased with gypsum plasterboards / fiber cement boards / calcium silicate boards on either side attached through self drilling drywall screws. The joints are then taped and finished with gypsum jointing compound. Our firm is engaged in manufacturing a wide spectrum of PVC partitions that are in compliance with industry standards. These have aesthetic appearances of the partitions add elegance to the decor. We are recognized as a prominent and leading authorized Partition services provider from Nagpur. Our Partition services range differs from different attributes of our offerings from Drywall partion to PVC partition.

Gypsum Plasterboard Drywall Partition

Gypsum drywall is an effective building amaterial because gypsum is very fire-resistant. The gypsum molecule contains within it two water molecules and one calcium sulfate. Gypsum creates a more rigid plaster than lime and does not require a fiber additive like animal hair as lime plaster does.
Work TechniqueLabour
Built TypeGypsum Plasterboard
DesignAs per customer's requirement

Fiber Cement Board Drywall Partition

Wall Partition Fibre Cement Board is the perfect choice for building board applications such as wall cladding, wall partitioning and decorative walling. The types of buildings that are suitable for Wall Partition Fibre Cement Board applications are residential, commercial and industrial buildings as well as schools and hospitals; especially where speedy construction, cleanliness and hygiene is of high importance.
MaterialFiber Cement
Work TechniqueLabour
Built TypeFiber Cement Boards & Panels
DesignAs per customer's requirement

Calcium Silicate Board Drywall Partition

Calcium Silicate Dry Walls are fire, water and termite resistant, lightweight yet sturdy with high tensile strength and lend themselves to all kinds of finishing and can be decorated with most types of paints, wall papers, ceramic tiles and hard laminates (upto 1 mm thickness).
MaterialCalcium Silicate
Work TechniqueLabour
Built TypeCalcium Silicate Board
DesignAs per customer's requirement